LE RENDEZ-VOUZ, by Witthöft and Latourelle, photograph by Jacqueline Young

LE RENDEZ-VOUZ, photo by Jacqueline Young

LE RENDEZ-VOUZ, by Witthöft and Latourelle for Cool Gradens, Winnipeg,

LE RENDEZ-VOUZ, photo by Jacqueline Young




The Forks, Winnipeg, Canada

Invited by Cool Gradens , Winnipeg, Canada

The site-specific installation at the Forks is a multi-colored geometric structure that will perform double duty: the work will function both as sculptural intervention and as a space for visitors to sit, read, contemplate the surroundings and enjoy impromptu gatherings or performances.

The work uses context, scale, color and pattern to transform the perception of the “amphitheater”; a common architectural typology found along Winnipeg’s riverbanks. By expanding a series color/patterned stripes into a stepped form, a range of graphic conventions encounter the riverside context, providing a strange juxtaposition with the surroundings, but also a human proportioned interpretation of the slope. Like a folded piece of paper, the installation activates color and pattern to create a semi-public space scaled for hanging out at the river’s edge.

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